GpgDragon v2.09 V2 Latest Setup

Version Number: 1.0

Program Profile:
  • Recovery Menu installed and routed in one click.
  • Installing Other Programs
  • Go to recovery mode and Danlvdyng with one click.
  • Easy to use adb commands in the program.

Method of application:
For recovery and rooted to the phone, the phone is turned on when you connect, you should press button Reboot Down Mod Downloading go to phone mode. Or you can get down volume buttons and the Home button and pressing the power button, use the phone to Downloading.
Now hit the Start button on the phone is installed in the kernel file. (You can change the kernel file.)

Open apk files to install the button and select the apk file, then click the Install apk file to be installed on the phone.

Instructions for using adb, Kamnd Edith enter your destination, then click Start Command. To see the result.

Download: GPG One Click.7z

This is a smaller version, GPG is a gift from the company. Next version I'll put all of your needs for this push. Including: blinker, unlock, repair and serial .....
You win


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